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Vascular Center

The Vascular Center at Wehrle-Diakonissen Private Hospital, location Andräviertel, offers diagnostic evaluation as well as conservative, endovascular or surgical treatment of blood vessels. We also focus on targeted vascular screening.

Venous disease, varicose veins in particular, are among the most common vascular diseases. They should be investigated by a vascular specialist and treated if necessary. With today's state-of-the-art treatment methods we can perform this very carefully. Generally, recovery time is only a few days.

Spider veins can be obliterated on an outpatient basis with very good aesthetic success.

If arteries are calcified and clogged, it usually results in a blood circulation disorder. Consequences may include leg pain when walking (claudication) or even strokes. We try to put a stop to such vascular calcifications through vascular screening and targeted preventive measures.

Should treatment become necessary, the smallest possible intervention is always preferable. Apart from surgery, dilations and stent implantations come into play when possible.


We specialize in the diagnosis and therapy of the following vascular diseases:

Venous diseases

  • varicose Veins
  • spider veins and accompanying diseases
  • venous disease
  • thrombosis screening

Circulatory disorders

  • vascular screening and prevention
  • stroke prevention
  • circulatory disorders
  • aneurysms
  • diabetic foot
  • dialysis shunts

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5020 Salzburg
Phone: 0662/90509/434